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REVOO has a monthly subscription, based on the number of active clients and the features you can find within our software.

What are groups, chat, VoD and REVOO Pay?

These are some of the main features you will find within our platform.

Groups: you can manage your clients through training groups to optimize the assignment of training plans and videos.

Automations-a series of features that will enable you to be more efficient in managing your clients.

Chat: You can manage conversations with your customers directly from our software.

VoD: short for Video on Demand, the feature that allows you to share video workouts, tutorials, insights to your assigned workout, or exclusive content for loyal users.

REVOO Pay: the system that allows you to sell your personalized counseling services through your clients’ coaching app.

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Free Trial

When you register, you have a 20-day free trial of our software to try all the features.

The software for you, the app for your customers

The prices on this page are for personal trainer software that can be used from a pc or smartphone via
, which allows you to manage clients and create training plans.
The REVOO app that your clients will use to train instead is free and will be free forever.
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Custom App

Want to make your athletes’ experience even more special? We can create an app for you with your logo and colors, and it will receive the same updates as the REVOO app.
Contact us to learn more!

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Migration from old software

Want to switch to REVOO from another online platform but don’t want to lose all your exercises?
We can provide a migration service: you will find all your work on your new profile, without wasting time recreating everything from scratch.
Contact us to learn more!

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