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REVOO is now a Neosperience Health Company

REVOO is now a Neosperience Health Company

Personal Training Software

REVOO is available for all personal trainers and fitness professionals:
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What is REVOO

We know how much personal trainers love to take care of their clients.
We help you make it in the best way possible.

Personal Training Software

App for our personal trainers

Workout App for personal trainers’ clients

Custom Branded App
Your name, logo and colors

Why you should use our tools

Train more and train better.

Offer a professional service

You can provide a unique and professional personal training experience to your clients.
Distinguish yourself from the other trainers that still uses smartphone notes.

Save precious time

Stop creating training plans from zero, over and over again. See how it works on REVOO!

Happier clients, happier trainers

Thanks to REVOO, you can count on two things: you will train more clients which will be happier of your consulting.

REVOO, Software for Personal Trainers

REVOO is a personal training software built to digitalize clients management and training plan creation.

Create custom training plans and monitor the results after each workout

Manage your clients individually or in groups

Plan your appointments and memo thanks to the integrated calendar

Smartphone con video allenamenti revoo

Upload on demand videos, lessons and tutorial to make training experiences even better and richer.

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App for our trainers

REVOO PT is available on the app stores:
Manage clients on your smartphones and receive notifications on their workouts.
Download and sign up!

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REVOO, Workout App for your clients

REVOO is the app for your clients, free, used for workout and watch your videos.
App is only available for clients of personal trainer registered to REVOO.

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Sync with Google Fit and Apple Health to monitor your daily activity and nutrition

Sync with Google Fit and Apple Health to monitor your daily activity and nutrition

Gli atleti, dopo aver effettuato l’accesso all’app, avranno la possibilità di sincronizzare i propri dati di App Salute o Google Fit; immediatamente apparirà nella schermata “Progressi” un grafico che mostrerà i dati aggiornati delle due applicazioni

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Create your custom app

Do you want to offer a unique training experience and distinguish yourself from the rest of the market?
Create your custom branded app with your name, logo and colors.
Discover more on our page!

crea la tua app personalizzata con REVOO

Our creation for REVOO trainers

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Customer feedback

A lot of trainers are trusting us and we pay them back in the best way possible.

Top service for creating training plans. Intuitive, fast and professional. Customer care is spectacular, I suggest REVOO for those who want to raise the bar


My coaching services is greatly improved since I started using REVOO. My clients feel better and they like to use the app during workout

Greta Sossol - My Pink Coach

The app works very well but what makes the difference is the professionalism shown by the staff


REVOO has developed my custom branded app that made my training plans more intuitive. Also the staff answered all my doubts 24/7

Francesca Giorgi - M&C Mermaids and Cecce

REVOO for me is organization. See workout deadlines and all my clients list, it’s awesome. Also, with the custom app i can give my “touch” to the workout experience

Lorenzo Sambri - LS Fitness

It’s hard to describe my satisfaction when I present my services to new clients. Thanks to a professional staff, REVOO allowed me to have a tailor made app

Luca Ricci - H&T Studio

We are here to help you

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