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The Personal Trainer Software

REVOO is available to all personal trainers and fitness professionals:
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What is REVOO

We know how much personal trainers love to take care of their athletes.
We help you do this in the best way possible.


Personal Trainer Software

Personal Trainer App

App for trainer clients

Custom app
Your name, your logo, your colors

The advantages of using our tools

Train more and train better.

Offer professional service

Give your clients a unique and professional personal training experience.
Distinguish yourself from other personal trainers who still use pen and paper.

Saves valuable time

No more writing a form from scratch each time, copying pre-filled forms by hand, collecting customer data in your notes. Discover REVOO!

More customers and more satisfied

With REVOO you will have two certainties: manage more clients who will also be more satisfied with your advice.

REVOO, Personal Trainer Software

REVOO is a Personal Trainer Software designed to digitize the management of clients and training plans.

Create personalized workout plans and monitor progress after each workout

Manage your clients individually or through training groups

Schedule appointments and reminders with calendar functionality

Smartphone with on demand video

Upload video workouts, lessons and tutorials to make your clients’ training experience even richer.

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the App for Personal Trainers.

Do you prefer to work from a smartphone? No problem.
The “REVOO PT” app is available:
Manage your clients on the go and receive notifications about their workouts.
Download the app and register!

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REVOO, App for Personal Trainers’ Clients.

REVOO is the app for your clients, free of charge, with which they can train by following the workout sheets, videos and advice on the perfect execution of each exercise.
The app is available only to trainer clients registered on REVOO.

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Integrates with Google Fit and Health App, the tools you already use to track your daily activity and nutrition

Integrates with Google Fit and Health App, the tools you already use to track your daily activity and nutrition

Athletes, after logging into the app, will have the option to synchronize their data from App Health or Google Fit; immediately a graph will appear on the “Progress” screen showing the updated data from the two apps

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Create your own custom app

Do you want to offer a unique training experience that sets you apart from the rest of the market?
Create your own training app with your name, logo and colors.
Learn more on our dedicated page!

crea la tua app personalizzata con REVOO

Our creations for REVOO trainers.

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They say about us

So many people are putting their trust in us, and we are repaying them in the best way possible.

Top service for creating training plans. Intuitive, fast and professional. The service is spectacular, I recommend it to those who want to raise the bar of customer service


Since using REVOO with my clients, I must say that my coaching service has really improved a lot. Clients feel much more followed and it is almost a pleasure for them to be accompanied during their workout by the app

Greta Sossol - My Pink Coach

The app works very well but what makes the difference is the professionalism and helpfulness shown by the staff


REVOO developed a custom app for me that made my workouts clear and interactive by answering my every doubt h24

Francesca Giorgi - M&C Mermaids and Cecce

REVOO for me is organization. Seeing program deadlines and my entire client list in an organized manner is priceless. Plus, with the customized app, I can give that extra touch, to make the ‘customer experience even better

Lorenzo Sambri - LS Fitness

It is hard to describe the satisfaction I feel in being able to pitch myself to clients personally. Thanks to a helpful and professional staff, REVOO allowed me to have an application tailored just for me

Luca Ricci - H&T Studio

We are here to give you solutions

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